Food Photography

Food photography that’s good enough to eat.

A passionate culinary explorer, Aliki brings a very personalised and creative touch to the art of Food Photography.

Fuelled by a love of people and food, Soul Impressions work to document the powerful presence of food and culture. Working closely with you to understand the heart and spirit of your culinary project, we assist you to develop your food project’s soul, style and substance.

Delectable results come from impeccable process.

Creating imagery that is quite simply, good enough to eat, Aliki’s food Photography is designed to connect the viewer with the powerful stories behind the produce, culture and creative process of enjoying food.

Whether you are seeking a natural, or highly stylised approach to your food’s presentation, Soul Impressions can help bring your food to life with an innovatively creative, organised approach to the ‘little details’.

Fresh, or pre-prepared, we make your food mouth watering.

Producing food photography for advertising, packaging, restaurants, editorial or menus, we produce images that are lusciously tempting and appetite inducing.

Bringing a combination of technical skill, and a deep understanding of food science, aesthetics and composition to every food photography project, we take the guesswork out of how to get results on your project.

On location or in-studio shoots

If you have an environment that can give your food soul, we’ll travel. Alternatively, our custom-designed, in-house studio allows you or your stylists to prepare food fresh on-site in our fully equipped kitchen, before shooting in our state of the art studio.

Food styling your way.

Offering food styling services in-house, or the ability to work with your preferred food stylist, we guarantee to delight you with taste-full, irresistible food photography images.

Explore our food photography collection, then call us to discuss your specialised food photography needs.

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